We, ICHI THE HOSTEL, consider it our crucial responsibility to recognize the need for protection of personal information and to promote the proper handling.

  • Management of personal information

    We keep your personal information as accurately and recently as possible while never allowing unauthorized access. We also create and maintain our high security system and educate our employees to protect your personal information from leakage, loss, damage, and falsification.

  • Utilization of personal information

    Personal information which we collect is used for contact, response, and dispatching documentation only.

  • Restrictions on provision to third parties

    We do not provide your personal information to a third party without obtaining your prior consent, except any of the following cases.

    1. A case in which we gain a consensus from you to disclose your personal information.
    2. A case in which we disclose to the commissioned company in order to provide a service which you like to have.
    3. A case in which it is necessary to disclose on the basis of the laws and regulations.
  • Safety measures for personal information

    We implement a range of full security measures to accurately protect personal information.

  • Reference and confirmation

    If you request us to correct, add, or delete any details of your personal information, we will carry out these actions after verifying your identity.

  • Compliance obligation and readjustment

    Concerning personal information that we possess, we do not break any law or ordinance to prevent personal information from bring exposed, and where appropriate, improve or reform our privacy policy.

  • Inquiry

    Please use the following contact details to make any inquiry regarding our policy
    114-8 Teramae, Okugawachi, Minami, Kaifu District, Tokushima 779-2305
    Mail: welcome@ichithehostel.com