By car:
From Tokushima Awaodori Airport: 1.5 hours by car
From Osaka (using tolls): approx. 3 hours
From Kyoto (using tolls): approx. 3 hours 45 mins

By Public Transport:
From Tokushima Awaodori Airport: Bus or train to JR Tokushima Station -> train to JR Hiwasa -> 10 mins by foot to ICHI
By train from JR Tokushima Station: 1 hour 40 minutes to JR Hiwasa Station -> 10 mins by foot to ICHI
From OSAKA: Highway bus from Namba or HERBIS Plaza Osaka -> approx. 5 hours to Hiwasa Michi-no-eki -> 10 mins by foot to ICHI
From KYOTO: Highway bus from KYOTO STATION -> approx. 3 hours to Tokushima Station -> JR train to Hiwasa Station (1 hour 40 mins) -> 10 mins by foot to ICHI

5 mins walk from Yakuoji (Temple 23 of Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage)
Car parking available (for max. 3 cars): 300 yen per day per vehicle. Please let us know if you need to use a space.

114-8 Teramae, Okugawachi, Minami, Kaifu District, Tokushima 779-2305